Instagram is one of the most popular free photo and video sharing apps to date, the number of users reaching 700 million worldwide by 2017. Instagram increasing their security day by day. 

So they are updating their privacy which should affect users. New automated security which has been introduced in Instagram to detect Copyright videos. Here we will Discuss to Use Copyright Affected Videos in Instagram. 

When I was researched for this post, I found private instagram viewer which working in real time. So I want to discuss to the users who really want to see some private profiles without from the instagram privacy.

Currently if you frequently upload videos on Instagram using background of the band’s famous music will usually be exposed to copyright. Then the video will be canceled. 

Because this time Instagram has installed automatic detection feature music that can prevent uploaded videos that have been inserted copyright music. 

Feel there is less if you make a video of our travel album but do not have background music that we want to sound more colorful :). But those videos will be blocked by Copyright. At that condition can use this method. 

For that way we can solve several easy steps so that our videos can be allowed published in our Instagram account. 

How to Use Copyright Affected Videos in Instagram

1. Prepare ready-to- upload video with the famous band’s background music.
2. Upload the video as is generally in the photo upload menu, wait for the upload process is complete.
3. Go to menu love icon, later there will be a message. “Your video was removed Because It may have copyrighted content that belongs to someone else.” Tap inscription “See what’s wrong”.
4. Next tap the word “Appeal.
5. The last step will see the message “To re-post your video, please agree blah blah blah”. Check “I agree” and input your Instagram’s electronic signature. Tap the symbol Appeal when done.
6. Wait a moment, the result of the video successfully uploaded in your Instagram account.
In this way, you can upload any video even though they have a copyright music, which is auto detected by Instagram. This method is applicable for every user in Instagram. Thanks, Stay Connected.