The gaming keyboard dramatically amplifies the gaming experience of the user. Let us say that you are planning to build a gaming pc; no doubt, you will consume your time purchasing the most refined processor, motherboard, and pc card for your device. 

But a gamer knows that the quality of peripheral devices greatly determines the gaming experience. The quality of your keyboard decides your win or lose in your favourite game.

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An ordinary keyboard won't do any good to you or your game. Instead, it would make you feel tired, and you will lose your focus, and finally, you will taste defeat. The games you play require a minimum play session of at least 20 minutes. To keep calm and composed throughout the game, you need a comfortable and reliable keyboard. An RGB gaming keyboard facilitates gamers with the most exceptional keyboard experience.

These gaming keyboards offer its users maximum sized, equally spaced function keys that effectively help players in the games having long play sessions. These keyboards provide you with a comfort system as they designed to fit your hand size so that your focus is entirely on the game, and you get exhausted fast. 

The mechanical keys on the gaming keyboards are much easier to press as they demand less force as compared to the ordinary keyboards.

This fact indicates that the RGB gaming keyboards enhance your typing speed to a considerably high level. If you are a gamer, you know that sometimes in a game milliseconds matter, with the aid of RGB gaming keyboards, you can move your character fast, and you can make a move even quicker.

These gaming keyboards won't let you suffer from fatigue in different types of games such as in MMO. The facts indicate that the use of a gaming keyboard for gaming purposes is much more efficient than the use of an ordinary keyboard. 
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Top 5 Gaming Keyboards in 2020

1. Das Keyboard X50Q Soft Tactile RGB - Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Das Keyboards introduces five different designs to its users. Selecting a keyboard that fits your comfort is a crucial choice to make as this would have specific impacts on your gaming experience. 
Out of five designs that this keyboard present, you can use one design for gaming purposes. That design is known as "Das Keyboard X50Q Soft Tactile RGB Mechanical Keyboard." You can choose the colour of your choice as this keyboard presents four colours.
The four colors are Cherry MX blue switch, Cherry MX brown switch; Gamma Zulu RGB led switch and a Soft tactile colour. This keyboard is fully programmable, and it does not let the user suffer from any interruptions. With the help of Q software installed in your device, you can make the lighting on your keyboard change. This feature attracts a lot of gamers to the purchase of this gaming keyboard.
 The respective keyboard comprises built-in Q Applets that hold every trait within Trello, Twitch, CPU, RAM, Asana, etc. The significant feature of this keyboard that dramatically intensifies your gaming experience is the full-N key rollover with anti-ghosting. This feature will help you move at lightning speed.

2. Steel Series Apex 7 - Gaming Keyboard Under 200

The SteelSeries Apex 7 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard presents its user with six sizes and six styles. So, this keyboard provides you with variety. From its six different sizes, the most suitable gaming keyboard for you is the Apex 7 size. So, if you are looking to purchase this keyboard, opt for the Apex 7 size. 
Various colours of this keyboard are available in the market. You can pick the colour you desire. The colours available in this keyboard design are Red, Blue, Brown, Hybrid Blue, Omni point adjustable, and Whisper Quiet. All of these colours are some mature and professional options for gamers. 

This keyboard facilitates you with its linear red switches, and these switches will offer you with the smoothest and fastest movement without any lag.
 The impressive thing about the linear red switches is that it guarantees you with 50 million key presses. For the Steel Series Apex 7 Mechanical gaming keyboard, you will find the most favourable gaming keyboard reviews over the internet. 

The keyboard presents you with an installed OLED smart display, which is an integrated command centre used for adjustment of settings or tracking purposes.

3. Vulcan 100 Aimo RGB Mechanical Keyboard

The Vulcan 100 Aimo RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard offers you with two design. Now you need to be smart while purchasing this keyboard. One design comes with no wrist rest attached to the keyboard while the other design facilitates the user with a wrist rest.
If you are into the MMO type games, you should pick the keyboard with a wrist rest attached, as these games require patience and lengthy play sessions. A minor disadvantage of this keyboard is that it does not come in the market with different colour variations. 

The option of colour in the keyboard is vital as it attracts a massive number of gamers. With the help of premium components attached, you will experience a minimum level of switch bounce. 

Due to this impressive alteration, a player could enter a rapid response as an input. If you are looking for a sturdy and well-built keyboard design, look no further, this is the best option for you. The keyboard is durable as it involves anodized aluminium top plate, which helps gamer experience the solid feel of the key switches.

4. HyperX Alloy Elite RGB Keyboard Under 150

The Hyper X Alloy Elite RGB is one of the most well know RGB keyboards. The edgy style of this keyboard concentration of most of the gamers. HyperX NGenuity software allows the player to customize the RGB lighting according to its choice. 

This keyboard offers you three different styles. The first style is the Cherry MX Blue, then is the Cherry MX Brown and finally the MX Red style. The Hyper X Alloy Elite RGB keyboard offers its customers a durable, stable, and a comfortable design, with the involvement of solid steel frames.
The respective keyboard introduces the Cherry MX mechanical keys to secure the faith of the gamers in the console and to make the keys more reliable. The critical feature with which this keyboard entertains its users is the detachable wrist rest. It is an important feature, as it helps you to remove the wrist rest when you feel that the wrist rest is troubling you. 

The keyboard enables you to save the particular setup of your LED lighting on the keyboard. This feature facilitates you with less time consumption by setting the LEDs.

5. Logitech G513 RGB Backlit Keyboard for Gaming Under 130

The Logitech G513 RGB keyboard is a gaming mechanical keyboard that can take your game to another level. It is an RGB gaming keyboard that presents an elegant and sleek design comprises of the latest technologies. This keyboard offers you two sizes; first is a GX switches size, and the second one is Romer-G switches size.
It is more desirable as it provides you with five different appealing colours. The colours available in this keyboard are Blue Clicky, Brown Tactile, Red Linear, Linear, and Tactile. This keyboard is an RGB gaming keyboard that features a gamer with complete customizable spectrum colour lighting for every key. 

This keyboard facilitates you with 25% quicker, responsive, and receptive feedback than an ordinary keyboard as it involves advanced Romer-G Tactile mechanical keys. The keyboard provides you with high protection of the keys and wheel present on the keyboard. 

The protection is due to the Aircraft based aluminium alloy top case, as this casing seals the components at its place. The keyboard, to prevent palm sweat and wipes clean, provides a sturdy and robust memory foam palm rest for your comfort purposes.